Easy to Make Christmas Card
Accordion Christmas Tree Surprise

This easy to make Christmas card idea comes with a little twist. What's simple on the outside has a little surprise on the inside!

Looking for handmade Christmas card ideas that are both easy to do and unique? This easy to make Christmas card is just what you're looking for! It's simple enough that even beginners can do it but it also comes with a nice twist, an accrodion Christmas tree that's sure to brighten your loved one's day!


Make Christmas Card


- 4" x 11" cardstock

- Christmas-themed patterned papers

- 6" ribbon

- a Christmas sentiment or image cut out

- double-sided tape

- puncher, scissors or paper trimmer, ruler



Step 1: Fold your cardstock at the center to form a 4" x 5.5" card.

Make Christmas Card Step 2

Step 2: Cut strips out of your Christmas-themed papers in dimensions of 0.5" x 11", 1" x 11", 1.5" x 11" and 2" x 11". A bit confused? I would be too. :) So just refer to the photo below.

Make Christmas Card Step 3

Step 3: Let's start folding to form our accordion Christmas tree! I'm not really a big fan of scoring so I cheated a bit. haha :) Simply fold your strip into half and repeat the process three more times until you're left with just around half an inch in width. No, we're not doing the accordion fold yet. We're only setting the "guides" so we'll know where to fold.

Make Christmas Card Step 4

Step 4: Once the "guides" are set in place, unfold and spread the strip out.

Make Christmas Card Step 5

Step 5: Now for the fun stuff! Let's do the accordion fold! :) Simply follow the "guides" you've set in the last 2 steps.

Make Christmas Card Step 6

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2 through 5 with the rest of your paper strips.

Make Christmas Card Step 7

Step 8: Adhere your accordion folds to your card using double-sided tape, longest strip at the bottom. Adhere all strips to one side of the card first, then the other.

Make Christmas Card Step 8

Make Christmas Card Step 9

Step 9: Ta-da!! Lovely Christmas tree right?

Make Christmas Card Step 10

Step 10: Since your accordion Christmas tree won't keep your card closed, we need a ribbon to do the job. Punch two holes on the edge of your card.

Make Christmas Card Step 11

Step 11: Insert your ribbon and make a nice, pretty bow to keep this easy to make Christmas card closed. :)

Make Christmas Card Step 12

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I agree it was quite a long one but it's only because I wanted to make sure I made everything nice and clear. Still, if there's anything you found confusing, please let me know and I'll help you out. :)

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