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Hi there! I’m Rochelle, inviting you to the wonderful art of card-making! Don't worry if you're only starting, we all have to start somewhere, right? And we've got everything you need to know (plus more) to get you on your way! :)

Why make greeting cards?

Lovingly-handmade cards always go the extra mile of telling anyone how special she is. Imagine getting a unique personalized card knowing that no one else in the world has anything like it and that the sender made it especially for you.. *sigh* Warms the heart in a beat.

Another reason? It's a lot of fun! Once you get the hang of it, and I promise you will, making cards unleashes your creativity and every crafting time becomes such a rewarding experience.

Whether you just want to make a card or two for a special someone or you would like to make this a long-term hobby or maybe even a business, you'll definitely love and enjoy every time you spend to make your own greeting cards. With a bit of patience and inspiration, you'll be making greeting card masterpieces in no time!

Free Easy Handmade Card Ideas for You to Make Greeting Cards

Anyone can make beautiful greeting cards. The only difference between those who make them and those who don't is inspiration. And that's just perfect because that's exactly why we're here! We're aiming - or maybe "hoping" is a better word - to inspire. This site is full of handmade card ideas, card making tutorials, card making techniques, greeting card templates and so much more!

We've got...

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Christmas Card Ideas

christmas card ideas

... and more!!


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Share your hand made card ideas and inspire others

Got some homemade card ideas you'd like to share? We’d all love to see! Click here to share your homemade card ideas! It's a great thing to do to inspire another greeting card maker like you.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s make greeting cards! Start here for your list of paper craft supplies and tools or you can browse through the contents below or the navigation tabs on the left sidebar for a whole lot of inspiration and handmade card ideas.

Happy crafting!


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Make Your Own Greeting Cards! FREE Ideas for Homemade Cards!
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Paper Craft Supplies and Tools
Your list of paper craft supplies must-haves and nice-to-haves.
Printable Photo Christmas Card
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Making Birthday Cards the Fun and Easy Way
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Christmas Card Ideas. Make Your Own Christmas Cards
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Fathers Day Cards to Make
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Unique Mothers Day Cards
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Make Your Own Cards. Learn how with our FREE online tutorials!
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FREE Printable Birthday Cards Online. Free Printable Happy Birthday Cards
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Online Printable Christmas Cards. FREE Printable Christmas Cards for Download.
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FREE Unique Printable Christmas Labels
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Printable Fathers Day Cards. Free Printable Greeting Cards
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FREE Printable Mothers Day Cards
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FREE Printable Valentine Cards
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