FREE Printable Valentine Cards

On this page you'll find links to download Printable Valentine Cards that are sure to find their way to your loved ones heart. Hey, why wait for Valentine's Day? Download, print and show your love today! :)


printable valentine cards

The Hopeless Romantic

Okay, before anything else, I should warn you. When it comes to talking about love, I get a bit sappy. I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in true, unconditional love, I cry at romantic movies, I read novels and I sigh at even the simplest gestures of love. Oh and I love being in love. My hubby’s really lucky. Let’s not ask him though. Just take my word for it. Haha

Having said that, you can just imagine how fun it was for me to come up with this page of free printable valentine cards.

I'm really excited to tell you that..

I just learned Photoshop!! Well, the very basics of it at least. And I'm still climbing up the very steep learning curve. *grimace* In the last 5 days, I've done almost nothing but learn how to drag stuff, swear, paste stuff and assemble stuff together and swear some more. Haha It was frustrating but it was really fun too and I was just too excited to give up! The end results?? These cute printable Valentines Day cards that are absolutely FREE for you to download and print at home! Yes, this is my very first batch of Photoshop projects. And as always, I'm sharing them with you. :)

These are all in high quality PDF Format and can be viewed using Acrobat Reader. Simply click on the image of the card you want to download and a new window with the PDF file will open. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it here for FREE.


Printable Valentine Cards

printable valentine cards printable valentine cards
printable valentine cards printable valentine cards


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Wanna drop me a line to ask me something about my projects or even just to say "hi"? I love “meeting” fellow crafties! It’s one of the best things about having this site. If you have the time, do drop me a line through my contact form. I love reading mails and I check my mailbox everyday!

Hope you have fun giving away our Valentine Cards! If you enjoyed this page, you might want to check out our other FREE printable cards!


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