Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers

Want to learn how to make fabric flowers? I’m right with ya! If you’ve been into crafting for some time, I’m sure you’ve realized by now that flowers are one of the few embellishments we can’t live without! One problem though. Okay, two actually. The first of course is that the best ones don’t really come cheap. The second is that, well, you can never have too many! Haha

Experimenting with Fabric Flowers

So I decided to experiment on some fabrics and make fabric flowers myself. I realized that one of the great things about learning how to make fabric flowers apart from it being so fun is that you can actually make them in any color of your choice so it will go well with the color scheme or theme you used for your card or any project you have. Fabric flowers usually make use of fabric scraps. You can use old clothing or scraps from a previous project you did. Since I couldn’t find anything from my wardrobe and I haven’t done any project that involved fabrics before, I went to my local fabrics store instead and bought fabric scraps. I also asked a seamstress friend for fabric scraps from her previous orders. And that’s how I saved myself a few bucks!

A Bit of Sewing

I don’t have a sewing machine so most of my tutorials for making fabric flowers will involve a bit of hand-stitching here and there. Don’t worry if you’re not on speaking terms with Mr. Needle! We won’t be doing any of the difficult stuff, I promise. I’m not really best friends with Mr. Needle, either.

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Contact Me

If you have any questions on how to make fabric flowers or about my other projects, or if you simply want to say hi, please leave me a message through my contact form . I love hearing from fellow crafties and I always write back! Unless I’m on travel because of my day job, you’ll be hearing from me in the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, enjoy learning how to make fabric flowers!


how to make fabric flowers

Easy Round Flowerettes


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