How to Make Fabric Flowers

Here's an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make fabric flowers. And that photo above is how our finished product is going to look like. :) Pretty, right? We're starting with a very basic and easy one. This is so easy, you can almost do this with your eyes closed! Okay, maybe not. But it's really, really, really easy.


how to make fabric flowers


We're going to need..

- Three kinds of fabric in complementing colors. I used a plain blue cotton one, a brown one and some pieces of white tulle. You can also use polyester-based fabrics (the shiny ones will look great!) or even a really wide ribbon. The beauty in learning how to make fabric flowers is that you can be creative with the materials you use.

- 2 circle templates of different sizes: a bigger one for the outer "petal" and a smaller one for the center "petals". I used a drinking glass and medicine bottle cap for this project.

- 3 pieces of pearls, gems or brads.

- Candle

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Needle and thread


how to make fabric flowers

Let's start learning how to make fabric flowers! Using your circle templates, trace 2 large circles and 2 smaller ones on your fabric and cut them out.

how to make fabric flowers

Don't worry if you didn't cut them perfectly. Personally, I think imperfect edges actually add charm to these flowers. Besides, the next step will help you even those out. :)

how to make fabric flowers

This next step should be done with extra care. Keep away from highly flammable materials like curtains, for example, and keep a glass of water within your reach just in case. Light your candle. Work around your fabric circles, bringing the edges to the flame.

how to make fabric flowers

You should have this when you're done. The previous step should have effectively "sealed" the edges to prevent fraying and also given your flowers a distressed effect. If you're not really fond of the distressed or vintage look, you can seal edges by lightly applying glue around your fabric circles. You can use nail polish too.

how to make fabric flowers

Alright! Time to put everything together. Simply layer the circles one on top of the other, smallest piece on top. You can play with the sizes of the circles when hot-sealing the edges. Burn more of the edge if you want the circle smaller. When you have everything to your liking, stitch all the "petals" together at the center.

how to make fabric flowers

Finish off with "centerpieces". I love pearls and they were just perfect for this project. You can also use crystals, brads, gems or buttons if you want.

how to make fabric flowers

And that's it! You now have a pretty fabric flower to adorn your cards or other craft projects. :)


Wasn't learning how to make fabric flowers fun? I'll add in other tutorials soon so I hope you'll be visiting again.

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