by Kathleen B. Hernandez

Love n Heart Handmade Card

Love n Heart Handmade Card


Valentine’s Day is always associated with hearts and roses. Thus for this card, I accumulated and collected all the heart designs I could find in my stash and at the bookstore. It’s saying, “Have a Happy Hearts Day or Month!”


  • Cardstock: Star Paper Corp.

  • Cut-outs: Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker

  • Heart Die Cut: National Bookstore

  • Glitter Glue: Leeho


  1. Adhere your heart die cut on center of your card.

  2. Since the heart die cut is in plain red color, adhere a printed heart cut-out which is smaller in size at the center of the die cut.

  3. Then, adhere the “LOVE” cut-out at the center of this 2nd heart.

  4. Apply glitter glue of different colors on the plain heart die cut and the “LOVE” cut-out, outlining the edges of the said items.

  5. Position a heart border strip on top of the die cut or on the top part of your card.

  6. And position an “ARROW” cut-out on the lower left portion of your card. While, the (2) heart cut-outs on the lower right portion of your card.

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