Homemade Mothers Day Cards

Homemade Mothers Day cards never fail to make your mom’s special day even more memorable. On this page, Design Team Member April will take you through a process of making a beautiful handmade Mothers Day card. Scroll down for a healthy dose of fun crafting! :)

Homemade Mothers Day Card
By April San Pedro

I'm April from Designs of Artisan. First of all, I'm so happy to be part of Let's Make Greeting Cards design team and I really hope I can inspire you with my tutorials. Anyway, I'm a graphic designer and a handmade lover. I normally mix my designs with crafts. I have been in love with anything to do with paper aside from invitations of course, but I'm mostly fond of making boxes, paper flowers, and pop-ups.

Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!

And since we're about to celebrate Mother's Day for this time of the year, I am here to give you a tutorial for one of our gorgeous homemade Mothers Day cards. Enjoy making it...

Here's are the materials you'll need:

Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!
  • Blank card {approximately 5x9in}
  • Cardstock paper (cut into 4x4in)
  • Tissue Paper (for the paper flower embellishment)
  • Wooden letters and wired dragonfly for embellishments
  • Scissors, Glue, Pencil and Bone folder
  • Doily lace {1.5in size}
  • Washi tape {optional}
  1. Using the bone folder, fold the blank card into half. This will be your base for the greeting card. Then cut the corners of the card using a coin to guide the edges.

    Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!

  2. Add the 4x4in cardstock paper in the middle part of the blank card. If you don't have a printed cardstock, you can use colored paper just to add color to your background.

    Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!

  3. Cut and glue the upper part of the doily lace on top of the cardstock, leaving half of it glued to the blank card.

    Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!

  4. Now we can add the embellishments! Use the tissue paper to make a paper flower, then glue on the lower right side of the card. Then add a dragonfly embellishment in the middle part of the card. Make sure its facing downwards to the flower. If you don't have a dragonfly, butterflies can also be an option. Finally I used wooden alphabets to spell the word "MOM" on the upper right of the card.

    Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!

    Washi tapes can be added as a finishing touch. Just make sure, the colors blend well together.

    Tip: You can also add 2 more small paper flowers on the lower sides to emphasize it even more.

Make Homemade Mothers Day Cards with April!

And there you have it, a simple yet elegant mother's day card. I hope you had fun making it. You might also want to take a look at our other homemade Mothers Day cards for more inspiration! Thanks for joining me today!

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