Gold Love Window Card

by Mai Garcia
(Manila, Philippines)


  • Gold Foil (got mine from the wrapper of Ferrero Rocher chocolates!)

  • Embossing Folder (love)

  • Red Cardstock


  1. Score the red cardstock in half.

  2. Put the gold foil inside your embossing folder. You don't even need a machine for this! I was surprised that when I put the foil in, the LOVE word automatically embossed. :D Saved me a few minutes!

  3. Place the gold foil in front of the red card stock then trace it with a pencil. Make sure that it is exact.

  4. Cut along the lines you drew. You should now have a window.

  5. Glue the gold foil inside the card in such a way that it will be seen when you close the card.

More projects on my blog, Publicly Private.

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