Couples’ Shirts Card

by Mai Garcia
(Manila, Philippines)

Here’s my take on the popular couples’ shirts. In cards. ;)


  • Pink patterned card stock

  • Black and white card stocks

  • Mini wooden clips

  • Pink paper cord

  • Alphabet stamps


  1. For the shirts, I drew a “shirt” on the black card stock, and a “blouse” on the white card stock. Then, I cut them out.

  2. I stamped “hers” on the black shirt, in reference to the girl “having” him, and “his” on the blouse.

  3. The paper cord serves as the clothes line. I made sure it’s dangling, then I put a clear tape inside the card to keep the cord secured.

  4. Lastly, I got the wooden clips and literally hang the shirt and the blouse in place.

More projects on my blog, Publicly Private.

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