Birthday Card

by Priyanka Mandal
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

sari for mama

sari for mama

I made it for my mama.

I use lots of fabric, laces my hand made flower etc.

At first I made a paper skirt over this I wrap the sari in a particular process means how people wear a sari in that process I wrap the fabric on my paper skirt.

I am addicted to art and craft since I was 4 years old and since then I make cards.

I just want to say art is my heart


Thank you, Priyanka, for this beautiful card idea! :) Your mom is indeed very lucky to have you and I'm sure she was absolutely thrilled to receive such a beautiful handmade birthday card!

I love how you made the cute little blouse and purse and pink sari! :) Excellent idea to personalize a birthday card! And are those really handmade flowers? They're gorgeous!! :)

For more of Priyanka's beautiful creations (and she has a lot), do visit her blog, My Hobby is My Heaven. She makes almost everything by hand including flowers and embellishments! :) Now, that's pure talent.

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